What Is Fascia?


By Free Motion Physiotherapy

Have you ever wondered why your body organs don’t knock around inside you when you jump? Or how your muscles stay attached to your bones? It’s because of the Fascia in your body!

Fascia means “band” or “bundle” in Latin. Fascia is our bodies connective tissue, made up mostly of collagen. It provides the framework for our body, running continuously from our big toe to the top of our head. It encapsulates all our cells, each individual muscle fibre, each muscle, our bones, nerves, blood vessels and organs. It is EVERYWHERE!

Fascia is an incredible multi-layered tissue which plays an active role in the body. It provides our body with a stable scaffolding, supporting tissues and organs but at the same time lessens friction and eases muscle tension to allow movement, flexibility, and tissue adaptation. When our fascia is in a healthy state, it will be malleable and supple enough to slide, glide, twist, and bend, and be completely pain-free.